Electromechanical drives
for heavy-duty applications

The new innovative cdGear technology makes it possible to design powerful linear drives as a hydraulic replacement in electric vehicles.

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Update v1.1: Now with several new 70 mm actuators!

Download our new updated product brochure with powerful and versatile linear drives, ideal for applications such as drive-by-wire, lifting, tilting etc. You'll find a whole range of linear actuators, ranging from 50 to 800 kN, available in several configurations. All with superior productivity-improving features.

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Go electric. Replace hydraulics.

With low energy consumption, fast and accurate movement, and unbeaten shock resilience, our cdGear-based solutions are ideal for heavy-duty vehicle and industrial applications.

Hydraulics used to rule the world but imposes environmental risks, consume a lot of power, and require continuous maintenance. cdGear systems can deliver the same linear force but with an up to 40 % reduction in power, faster and more precise linear motion, in a smaller package and with almost no maintenance requirements.


The built-in torsional flex prevents load transients and allows for shock loads without harming gear teeth.


The low overall inertia provides rapid acceleration and deceleration.

High precision

The built-in encoder enables micrometer positioning.


The cdGear gear allows for extremely agile, small and powerful actuator systems.

Lab test: super accuracy

This Cascade linear drive is able to produce 20,000 N (20 tons!) of pressure. It travels around 0.5 m/s and is designed for a stroke positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm. However, in our lab tests we hit the zero every time. Watch the video to experience the extreme accuracy in our heavy-duty linear drives!

Drive by wire

  • Powerful
  • Autonomous-ready
  • Compact design
  • Shock-safe

The Cascade STEERING system is a robust and high-tech EPS steering system for heavy-duty vehicles.

With the HD-EPS (Heavy-Duty Electric Power Steering) Cascade STEERING system you are able to design your next generation vehicle for fully electric manual and autonomous control. The powerful drive-by-wire system offers superior controllability features, handles chock-loads gracefully, is backlash free, and uses no energy in idle mode. It is also extremely accurate and reliable. Controlled by our cdMotion control system, it is easy to adjust to unique performance, control, and sensitivity profiles.

The electric forklift

No messy oil. No bursting pipes. No waste of energy.

A forklift equipped with cdGear electro-mechanical drives can save more than 40 % of energy. Unlike an idling hydraulic pump, an electric actuator only consumes energy when it is in use, which translates into better battery utilization. Our linear drives are also equipped with regenerative electric motors, allowing them to convert braking motion into electricity.

Going electric

Power steering

  • Robust, powerful, impact-resistant drive-by-wire power steering.

Power steering

  • Extended-range, precise and powerful vertical lift actuators.

Power steering

  • Backward and forward tilt actuators.

Power steering

  • Fast and precise fork width control.

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Powerful gearboxes

  • Powerful
  • Fast
  • Precise
  • Compact design
  • Shock-safe

Cascade Drives high Power density gearboxes is based on a properitary planetary gear design.

Thanks to the built in torsional flex an increased number of planet gears can be used, which allows for more torque being transfered in one single gear step. This means number of gear steps can be reduced which reduces efficiency losses. The reduced number of gear steps also reduces the overall dimension and weight. Introduction of torsional flex also porevent load transients.

Heavy-duty vehicle design

Use cdGear technology to offer your customers a fully electric vehicle

Replacing powerful hydraulics with electrical systems in heavy-duty vehicles is a challenge. Conventional linear actuators are usually not robust enough to handle the big forces required. With cdGear components, there's finally a viable replacement for hydraulics that's powerful and rugged enough to meet your requirements.

Three stages of electrification


Electric drivetrains for vehicle propulsion is a known and robust technology in use today.


Heavy-duty vehicles require assisted-steering systems for both manual, automated, and hybrid operation.

Linear motion

Powerful electrical drives for linear motions like lifting, spreading, and tilting.

Make your battery last longer

Electric cdGear linear drive systems will save large amounts of energy. And compared to a constantly running hydraulic pump, electric linear drives only consume energy when in use.

Save up 40 % energy

Large energy savings directly translates into a longer vehicle runtime.





Save up to 40 % of energy with cdGear compared to conventional hydraulic systems.

cdGear vs hydraulics

The growing trend of heavy-duty vehicle electrification has made the disadvantages of conventional hydraulic systems clear when it comes to energy conservation.



+Powerful + Proven technology
+Fast acceleration, motion, and deacceleration + Powerful
+Precise, accurate control - Slow
+Built-in positional sensors - High energy consumption (even when idle)
+Energy efficient - Imprecise (usually requires sensor feedback loops)
+Energy regeneration - Requires liquid cooling system 
+Compact design - Expensive to assemble due to many parts
+Shock-resistant (backlash free) - Maintenance-intensive
  - Oil leakage hazards

cdGear technology explained

Watch Kristian Floresjö, CEO, explain the cdGear technology and its application benefits.

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