The innovative gear wheel

Gears have been around for hundreds of years but have essentially looked and functioned exactly the same. And to manage higher forces you basically just increase size of gear so that the total contact surface increased.

But there's a drawback to this solution, increase size of gear wheel increases weight and thereby the inertia. Adding more gear wheels on the same rack leads to an overdetermined system resulting in unequal load sharing. To assemble such a system would be a challenge in itself!

Superior acceleration

Smaller gears with less built-in inertia allow for rapid acceleration and deacceleration.

Equalized load distribution

With equal load distribution amongst multiple pinions, wear and tear on engaging surfaces are reduced, increasing gear life.

Safe from shock loads

The built-in flex saves cdGear systems from wear and damage.

No overshoot

Electrical actuators eliminate the problem of moving past the target position and then having to reverse the motion. Our actuators hit the target position directly every time.

No backlash

cdGear systems combine flex without generating any backlash.

The backlash-free multiple-gear dilemma

Why systems designed with eqGear are so powerful

Unlimited stroke length

eqGear systems are not limited in stroke length and can be customized to any application. The number of eqGears is determined by load and speed requirements.

Energy efficient

Saves in average 25 % of energy compared to comparable hydraulic systems.

Free from backlash

eqGears are preloaded in opposite directions to avoid backlash.

Long life equals a low TLC

Minimal maintenance due to minimal wear and no use of fluids.

Compact design

Small gear diameters allow for compact designs with a flexible orientation of gear steps.


eqGear technology allows us to build extremely powerful actuators in an extremely compact format.

How can we help you?

Product development

Work with us to create an eqGear product suited for your unique application.


Leverage our manufacturing relationships and know-how for volume manufacturing of eqGear products.


License eqGear technology for implementation in your own products.