About Cascade Drives

We provide unique solutions for linear motion and power trains that are high-performing, eco-friendly and cost-efficient to customers in selected industries.





Sourcing engineer

We are looking to expand our sourcing capacity as we plan to enter serial production. For this, we seek a technically oriented procurement specialist with a solid commercial drive to establish our Supply Chain & Quality function.

  • Review mechanical and electrical design with the development team along the development process to ensure manufacturability and competitive sourcing of all parts.
  • Identify and engage suppliers to work with Cascade Drives, proving their supply capacity through prototype parts while developing methods for quality control and cost rationalization for volume supply.
  • Structure and perform supplier selection to ensure best value, reliability, and scalability in our manufacturing of linear drives.
  • Manage the parts supply from design release through quotations, negotiations, ordering, factory acceptance testing, and incoming quality control to ensure the correct part is delivered on time.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure performance, reliability, and lifetime data on components meet requirements from 3rd-party certification bodies.
  • Structure warranty provisions with suppliers meeting our commercial requirements.
  • Continuously improve our procurement process and proactively look for alternative solutions and suppliers to improve performance, reliability, cost, and manufacturability.
  • Continuous work with component cost vs. performance drivers to reduce cost and lead times while improving reliability and quality.
Skills and qualifications

You have at least three years of professional experience in technical and operational procurement or supply-chain work. Experience from equipment used in harsh environments such as mobile machinery, mining, or similar areas is qualifying. You have strong negotiations skills and experience from establishing commercial supply agreements, combined with the ability to attract the best suppliers to work with you. Experience from developing efficient purchasing processes and suitable ERP systems is qualifying. Knowledge of manufacturing methods for advanced mechanical parts in different materials is desired. You are proficient in Swedish and English, both spoken and written.

As a Sourcing Engineer, you will be traveling. Therefore, a valid driver's license is required.

As a person
  • you are striving for excellence, put quality into everything you do
  • you are self-motivated and hate to waste time
  • you enjoy coaching team members to reach the best joint results
  • you are comfortable in presenting your ideas and requirements internally and externally
  • you always search for the most simple and elegant solutions to complex problems 
  • you are persistent, knowing it takes stamina to reach ambitious goals
  • you are data-driven and strive to always back your points with a solid analysis

Your personality, experience, and passion for this field are most important.

Working at Cascade Drives

We offer a dynamic work environment with a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals. We aim to make the world a better place by bringing highly efficient electromechanical actuators to the market. Each team member works with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, combined with sizeable personal responsibility. In addition, we offer a supportive, fun, and international environment.

If this sounds like your kind of challenge, please apply today! For more information about the position or the hiring process, please contact Kristian Floresjö, CEO, ‭+46 70-355 66 70‬ or kristian.floresjo@cascadedrives.com.





Automation and software engineer

We are looking for an ambitious person with relevant control software experience to join our team, taking a vital role in developing our electromechanical linear actuators.

Principal duties and responsibilities

  • Functional development according to the V-cycle; focus will be on the development of software modules and software integration, subsystem tests (sensors, PLC/ECU, inverter), and commissioning tests.
  • Communication protocol setup
  • System assembly, electrical connection, and hardware mapping with schematics, cable lists, routing, etc. 
  • Development and testing of HMI/customer interface
  • Development of methods for automatic and regression tests
  • Creating manuals, test reports, software documentation
  • Supporting pilot installations in the field
  • Field data analysis for fault-finding, evaluation, and improvement of our products 

Skills and qualifications

Experience from working with the development of control/automation software. Abilities combining effective code with advanced mechanics and electronics into robust systems. B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree, proficient in English, both spoken and written.

Preferred system knowledge:

  • Communication protocols: CANopen, J1939, Ethernet IP; EtherCAT, Profibus, etc.
  • Coding according to IEC61131
  • Matlab/Simulink

Meriting system knowledge:

  • IQAN design
  • Twincat
  • Automation builder
  • Drivetool/Drivecomposer 
  • Data management system

As a person you are

  • Structured, analytical
  • Self-reliant, taking responsibility for planning, performing, and reporting of your tasks and progress to the rest of the team
  • Team-worker, putting the results of the team first

Working at Cascade Drives

We offer a dynamic work environment with a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals. We aim to make the world a better place by bringing high efficient electromechanical actuators to the market. Each team member works with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, combined with great personal responsibility. We offer a supportive, fun, and international environment. Having shown game-changing performance, expectations are high, and your work will be closely watched from around the world.

If this sounds like your kind of challenge, please apply today! For more information about the position or the hiring process, please contact Pontus Karlsson, CTO, ‭‭+46 70-287 85 87‬‬ or pontus.karlsson@cascadedrives.com.



Cascade Drives is a growing company constantly looking for talented people, so don't hesitate to send in your application. Who knows, maybe you are the one we are looking for right now!

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An experienced board

Cascade Drives' board provides both business acumen and industrial technical experience.


Jan Söderström
Chairman | Since 2018

CEO of Quintus Technologies AB, Chairman of the Board of Marine Jet Power, Background from ABB and BAE.

Christina Lundbäck
Board member

CMO and founder of SurfCleaner. Extensive experience in business development and sales for growth in both large companies and smaller firms in start-up stage. Member of Board in CorePower Ocean.

Claes Rudling
Board member

Management consultant and private investor with a background as CEO from international B2B companies in the industry and IT.

Ingvar Eriksson
Board member

Business creation officer at KIC Inno Energy Sweden. Founder of Novator AB, significant experience of start-ups based on advanced technical inventions.

Mia Tomczak
Board member

CFO at KAMIC Group AB and Amplex AB and former CFO AQ Group AB. Previous managerial positions at Sandvik (Kanthal) and Outokumpu Group.

The history of Cascade Drives

The cascade gearbox technology was invented by M.D. Stig Lundbäck and Patrik Möller as part of their work on wave power drive trains in CorPower Ocean. After verifying the technology with various prototypes and gear researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2012, CorPower wanted to build an on-land rig to test wave energy devices with simulated wave loading. However, the designers were unable to find any existing linear drive solutions on the market that could deliver the combination of high force and speed required. After verifying the capabilities of the cascade technology to convert linear-to-rotating motion, CorPower co-founder Patrik Möller got the idea to put a motor instead of a generator on the gearbox shaft. And a new type of linear actuator named Cascade Drive was born.

Patrik Möller and Stig Lundbäck co-founded Cascade Drives AB in 2014 to commercialize these linear actuators to enable the electrification of industrial applications. EIT InnoEnergy's startup incubator supported the company, and the first customer applications were identified.

In 2016 Kristian Floresjö was recruited as CEO. After spending much of his life researching the pumping and control functions of the human heart, Mr. Lundbäck passed away in 2017.

The cascade drive technology has seen significant industrial development since the first versions were tested in 2012, and it is now a proven and reliable solution in both wave energy and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Cascade Drives AB owns the intellectual property rights of the technology. CorPower Ocean AB has the exclusive right to use it within the ocean energy sector, while Cascade Drives AB has the exclusive right to use it for industrial applications outside ocean energy. As both companies continue developing and refining the technology, new IP is shared between them with the same division of usage rights.

Environmental policy

At Cascade Drives we strive to protect the environment, reduce our environmental impact, and continually improve our environmental sustainability performance. This is an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods.

Our customers and other stakeholders can expect us to:

  • Educate and motivate our employees to perform their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt the same environmental principles we aim to adhere to
  • As far as possible purchase products and services from suppliers that have an implemented environmental policy
  • Manage waste produced in the business in a responsible manner and according to environmental laws
  • Assess the environmental impact of any new processes or products we intend to introduce in advance

Every employee strives to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, and codes of practice
  • Contribute to the continual improvement of our environmental management system by working to meet environmental goals and achieve sustainable operations

Quality policy

Customers and other stakeholders can expect Cascade Drives to:

  • Provide products and services at the right time and according to agreement
  • Create satisfied customers by providing products and solutions that meets both specified and unspoken customer needs
  • Be a reliable business partner, employer, or other partner
  • Ensure our employees have the appropriate and necessary training, skills, and experience
  • Engage our employees to always strive to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their needs and meeting their expectations
  • Provide rapid responses and communication to customers and stakeholders
  • Use our customers’ feedback to continually improve our processes

Every employee strives to:

  • Satisfy customer requirements and other applicable requirements from stakeholders, including applicable laws and regulations
  • Contribute to constantly improving operations and raising the level of quality of our services and products

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