Powerful gearboxes

Compact, high-power, and reliable

Cascade Drives high power density gearboxes are based on a properitary planetary gear design. Thanks to the built in torsional flex an increased number of planet gears can be used, which allows for more torque being transfered in one single step. This means number of gear steps can be reduced as well as efficiency losses. The reduced number of gear steps also reduces the overall dimension and weight. Introduction of torsional flex also porevent load transients.

High power density

Superior gear vs volume and weight ratio

High efficiency

Fewer gear steps result in higher overall efficiency

Long life

Prevents transient loads thru shock absorbing torsional flex

Wind turbines

In the wind industry, planetary gearboxes play a central part of the driveline from the turbine or rotor blades to the generator for generation of electrical power.

Planetary gearboxes in this application transform high torque at low RPM to lower torque with higher RPM. Turbulent winds changes due to large masses in motions, the propeller, and generator, give rise to sudden and strong changes of the force directed through the gearbox. This change of direction together with the air gap and stiffness within the gearbox drive train results in shock waves and high overloads on the meshing teeth and in the bearings. Metal contacts between the gear teeth may contaminate the oil in the gearbox. These are typical challenges suitable for Cascade Drives planetary gearbox. 

Increase of gear ratio in a reduced number of gear steps reduces efficiency losses, volume, and weight. 

In-wheel propulsion systems

Compact, high power density gearboxes for in wheel applications.

An increased gear ratio, in a lower number of gear steps, results in reduced efficiency losses, volume and overall weight. The principle also allows for superior bearing and gear shift solutions. 

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