Electromechanical pump drive

Increase cutting speed in your water jet cutting process.

Cascade Drives rack and pinion based pump drive offers outstanding positioning accuracy, variable stroke speed and length. An unique solution that significantly improves productivity and efficiency without use of hydraulic fluids.

Why use electrical actuators in industrial applications?

Compact design

Plug-and-play replacement for most hydraulic actuators.

Variable stroke length

Enables longer strokes for higher efficiency.

Variable stroke speed

Enables better control of pressure and flow.

No hydraulic oil

Reduces maintenance needs and eliminates risk of hydraulic oil leakages

2022 product catalog!

Download our updated product brochure with powerful and versatile linear drives, ideal for applications such as drive-by-wire, lifting, tilting etc. You'll find a whole range of linear actuators, ranging from 50 to 800 kN, available in several configurations. All with superior productivity-improving features.

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A revolutionary pump

Suitable for any pumping application where high demanding production cycles, high pressure, and extreme position accuracy are required.

The Cascade Drives’ Actuator can be easily adapted to any existing plunger interface turning a hydraulic pump into an electromechanical pump.

Core components or part of system available for pump manufacturing OEM´s. Cascade Drives offers knowledge of both hardware and software engineering.

Take control of your pressure cycle

Cascade Drives pump drive technology offers a new way of delivering cost-efficient high pressure for a variety of industrial applications.

With Cascade Drives rack and pinion-based technology, you not only save energy, but you can achieve a new level of control that just isn’t available with traditional pumps. A combination of high positioning accuracy and a fully customized speed and load curve enables an optimized performance resulting in improved pressure cycle and thereby productivity.

Cascade Drives pump drives are designed for handling back-pressure and sudden pressure peaks over and over again, ensuring the reliability of your production.

High-pressure pump applications

Waterjet cutting

Increase your cutting speed with higher water pressure on demand.

Injection molding

Improve productivity and quality of molding process by variable stroke speed.

High-pressure food processing

Reduce operating costs with a hydraulic oil-free system.


Upgrade your diaphragm or piston compressor for higher efficiency.

Hot isostatic pressing

Improve productivity with reduced cycle time and maintenance requirements.

Oil and gas

Reduce size and improve control on your reciprocating pumps.

Advantages of Cascade Drives’ pump drive solution

intensifier pump
servo pump
Crank shaft
Cascade Industrial
Efficiency 70 % 85 % 85 % +95 %
High pressure Yes No Yes Yes
Flexible stroke length  No Yes No Yes
Variable stroke length per side No Yes No Yes
Variable speed Yes Yes Possible Yes
High precision No Yes No Yes

Technical specification

Typical loads

40-400 kN

Stroke length

100-4000 mm


0.06-4000 mm/s


380-460 VAC

Operating temperaure

-30 to +60 ˚C

How can we help you?

Product development

Work with us to create an eqGear product suited for your unique application.


Leverage our manufacturing relationships and know-how for volume manufacturing of eqGear products.


License eqGear technology for implementation in your own products.