Going electric – replace hydraulic solutions with power actuators

As heavy-duty vehicles go electric and become more autonomous, there's a demand for alternatives to the conventional hydraulic systems usually found in everything from mining and container loaders to heavy trucks. Although hydraulic systems have improved over the years, they are seldom optimal for energy-conserving electrical applications with low maintenance requirements.

Electro-mechanical actuators based on belt, ball, or gear technology have had a hard time delivering the power-efficiency required in heavy-duty applications. With Cascade's eqGear technology this is about to change. It is now possible to design long-life, low-maintenance, and high-power electro-mechanical actuators for heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Autonomous large vehicles

Large heavy-duty vehicles have made amazing headway with autonomous functionality in the last years. Due to the fact that they often operate in controlled environments, there are lower regulatory requirements which leave more room for innovation. Also, the current trend of replacing fossil fuels with electricity has created a demand for more energy-efficient auxillary systems

Mining vehicles

Underground mining vehicles are increasingly being converted to electric powertrains to eliminate the harmful emissions from traditional combustion engines. So, the question is; should you keep your conventional hydraulic systems, now powered by a battery, or replace them with an electro-mechanical system from Cascade Drives? To us, the answer is simple. With Cascade eqGear systems, like Cascade STEERING and Cascade POWER, you save energy, reduce maintenance and ready your vehicle for more automatic, or even autonomous, capabilities.

  • Power steering

    (drive-by-wire assisted or autonomous)

  • Lifting
  • Tilting

Material handling

Material handling is all about productivity. With Cascade eqGear linear actuators you can achieve superior load and speed ratios. Increased linear travel speed means additional lifting cycles per hour and higher productivity, and electric linear actuators mean increased overall efficiency and thereby battery range.

  • Power steering

    (drive-by-wire assisted or autonomous)

  • Lifting
  • Tilting
  • Side-shift

A fully electric forklift

A design study

The story begins with one of the world's leading forklift manufacturers asking us how we would design a vehicle completely void of hydraulics. Would we be able to meet, or extend, the current capabilities of one of their existing models? The result is a forklift with only electrical actuators based on eqGear technology.

Conserving battery energy

Irrespective if a forklift is powered by Li-ion batteries or fuel cells, operating range and low maintenance is key to a successful design. With eqGear technology, we are able to replace all traditional hydraulic systems (power steering, lift, tilt, and side-shift) with electro-mechanical solutions. And we even managed to add energy-recovery functionality in the lift's downward motion.

Main functions

The number of load cycles per battery charge increases by XYZ percent due to lower power usage.

Energy-recovering lift functionality increases the operating time by XYZ percent.

Performance of each actuator can be easily modified on-the-fly to match different driving/handling profiles.

Cascade STEERING can be easily adapted to various safety systems and/or automated motion.

Easily adaptable to the truck's existing control system.

Real-time data logging provides in-depth performance analysis capability.

Want to know more?

Commercial trucks and buses

As heavy trucks and buses are going electric, they can all benefit from a modern electric-mechanical steering system. By replacing a conventional HPS, EPS, and EHPS system with a modern Cascade STEERING systems, you not only achieve true engine-independence but also a more easily assembled and more compact design. As trucks especially are getting more autonomous functionality, a true drive-by-wire system like Cascade STEERING opens up the possibility of some true and unique innovations for the load-hauling market.

  • Power steering

    (drive-by-wire assisted or autonomous)

Tow tractors and airplane tugs

Both one-axle and two-axle steered electric tractors and tugs can benefit from a Cascade STEERING system. With its compact design, precise handling, and low maintenance requirements, the Cascade STEERING system is a great replacement for conventional HPS, EPS, and EHPS steering systems.

  • Power steering

    (drive-by-wire assisted or autonomous)

  • Lifting

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