Total control

The Control system fulfills ISO 13849-1 (PL-d) and uses the CAN bus interface.

The cdMotion contains an algorithm developed for applications requiring robust and precise control of linear motion. cdMotion provides absolute position control without the need of a homing sequence. The performance exceeds equivalent hydraulic control solutions resulting in faster and more efficient processes. The position controller is typically used for vehicle steering applications and industrial processes. cdMotion also supports speed control with position monitoring. Position reference points can be set to speed up repeating processes. This control option is well suited for various material handling applications such as forklift trucks.


Precise motion control

Allows for a precise definition of motion curve.


Optional logging of movement, friction, efficiency, limit thresholds.

Impact detection

Works in both static and dynamic mode to protect mechanics.

Actuator protection functions

Dual control loops for mechanical limits.

Fault monitoring

Early warning system for potential mechanical failure.

Slip detection

Ensures that the difference between rack and motor shaft is below defined thresholds.

Energy management

Allows tailoring of movement for optimal energy use.


Easy to adapt to host environment.

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