Heavy-duty electrical power steering (HD-EPS)

Drive-by-wire electrical steering for large vehicles

Finally, it's now possible to replace conventional hydraulic power steering with a powerful and robust electromechanical system designed for heavy duty applications. The Cascade STEERING system is fast, accurate, and very low-maintenance. Unlike other power-assist steering solutions, it doesn't suffer from degradation due to wear from shock-loading.

The only electromechanical steering system you need

In autonomous vehicles, controllability is key for safe and reliable operations. The Cascade STEERING system's accuracy is unmatched when it comes to both motion and positional awareness. And with its resilience to external forces such as shock-loading, you benefit from longer service intervals and lower maintenance costs. Cascade STEERING is equally suited for manual, autonomous, and hybrid electric vehicles.


Powerful enough to handle very large vehicles moving in difficult terrain

Unaffected by shock-loading

eqGear's built-in torsional flex absorbs shock loads and saves gear teeth


Superior energy efficiency when compared to conventional hydraulic systems

Precise power steering for heavy-duty vehicles

As heavy-duty vehicles go electric and become more autonomous, there's a demand for alternatives to the conventional hydraulic systems usually found in everything from mining and container loaders to heavy trucks.

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Product features

Compact design

Compact solution for plug-and-play installation without the need for auxiliary mechanical systems.

Cheaper assembly

Compact modular design allows for plug-and-play installation. No pipe works required.


Acceleration, motion, and deceleration profiles curves are easily tailored for specific applications.

Long life

It is designed for life-long operation with negligible maintenance requirements.

Multi-mode operation

Equally suited for manual, autonomous and hybrid electric vehicles.

Built-in sensors

Cascade STEERING uses separate dual encoders for micrometer positioning of the rack.


Superior response time allows for rapid steering maneuvers.


No hydraulic fluids mean a no risk of oil spills.

No overshoot

The precision of electrical actuators eliminates the problem of moving past the target position and then having to reverse. Our actuators hit the target position directly every time.

Evolution of power steering technologies

For electric heavy-duty vehicles

Material handling

Tight spaces, 24/7 operation, and precise motion make the Cascade STEERING system ideal for everything from forklifts to container trucks.


Cascade STEERING is well suited as a non-hydraulic electromechanical steering system for electric buses.

Mining vehicles

Heavy-duty machinery working in tough environments place extreme demands on their control systems. With Cascade STEERING you get a precise and low-maintenance electrical steering system you can rely on.

Airport vehicles

Airplane tow tractors, baggage tractors, and utility vehicles can become fully electric with Cascade STEERING systems, with increased overall efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements.

Commercial trucks

A Cascade STEERING system eliminates the need for hydraulics and improve both response time and accuracy. 

Cranes and utility vehicles

Utility vehicles can now replace their electricity-driven hydraulic steering with a fully electric Cascade STEERING system.

A fully electric forklift

Battery-powered AGVs for container transport have become a common sight in larger container ports. By replacing the hydraulic steering with a Cascade STEERING system, operators can enjoy improved battery range, reduced maintenance cost, and no oil spills. A typical AGV uses a total of four hydraulic cylinders for steering - two per axle. With Cascade STEERING, the hydraulic system including the hydraulic pump, oil reservoir, cooling system and valves.

Comparison of steering technologies

 HPSHydraulic power steeringEHPSElectro-Hydraulic power steeringEPSElectric power steering
High loadsYes  Yes
Uses power when stationaryYes  No
Ready for drive-by-wire/autonomy   Yes
Maintenance requirementsHigh  Very low
PrecisionMedium  Superfine
Total lifetime cost (TLC)High  Very low
Environmental impactHigh  Very low
Assembly complexityHigh  low
FootprintHigh  low
FlexibilityMedium  low

Technical specification

Typical loads

10-150 kN

Stroke lenght

100-300 mm

(other stroke lengths on request)


0.06-3 m/s

Cooling system

Air or liquid-cooled

Control system


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24-700 vDC

Operating temperaure

-30 to +60 ˚C

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