Powerful linear motion

High-power linear action

Cascade Drives electromechanical linear actuators are made for heavy-duty applications where high load in combination with high speed are key features. Thanks to low internal inertia, acceleration and deacceleration use a minimum of energy. Unlike any other electromechanical actuators, Cascade Drives actuators can handle shock loads. Applications such as lifting, tilting and side shift are now possible to electrify.


Revolutionary speed and load ratio thanks to low internal inertia.


The electromechanical mechanism allows for high overall efficiency. Regenerative features in vertical applications.


Micrometer positioning of rack thanks to built-in high-resolution encoders and motor controllers.

Technical specifications

Our product broschur now inlucdes the C200-4P, a compact versatile end-mounted linear drive for heavy-duty work. It's ideally suited for all sorts of hydraulic replacement applications; drive-by-wire, lifting, tilting etc.
The product broschure also includes linear actuators ranging from 50 kN to 400 kN in several configurations.

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The Cascade Power lift for forklifts!

See the world's first 20 ton fully electric linear actuator in action.

Product features

Compact design

Compact solution for plug-and-play installation without the need for auxiliary mechanical systems.

Optimized load cycle

Acceleration, travel and deceleration profile curves are easily tailored for specific applications to optimize energy use.

Long life

Designed for life-long operation with negligible maintenance requirements.


Options for unlimited predefined go-to-positions available thanks to built-in positioning encoders.


Superior travel speed allows for improved productivity.


No hydraulic fluids mean no risk of oil spills.

A fully electric forklift

As the industry is increasingly looking at fully electric forklifts we can now offer a replacement for hydraulics and energy-consuming lift actuators. These new electro-mechanical Cascade Power drives offer both lower power consumption and higher performance. With built-in energy regeneration capability, our drives provide even longer operation duty cycles.

Typical loads

200 kN

Stroke actuator

2000 mm


0.3 m/s (fork 0.6 m/s)


550-700 vDC


65 kW



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Pressure Booster

Cascade Drives electromechanical pressure boosters are designed for high-pressure applications such as Hot Isostatic Presses

The pressure booster has a superior load/speed ratio resulting in a reduced production cycle at the same time as it is free from hydraulic fluids.   

Technical specification

Typical loads

5-800 kN

Stroke lenght

50-6000 mm

(other stroke lengths on request)


0.06-4 m/s

Cooling system

Air or liquid-cooled

Control system


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24-700 vDC

Operating temperaure

-30 to +60 ˚C

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